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Sustainable Swimwear

Start an Ethical Trend with our Sustainable Swimwear Range

Finding the perfect sustainable swimwear that both feels and looks great often turns into a daunting experience. Shade Swim manufactures a range of comfortable, supportive, and stylish swimsuits to equip ladies with the confidence to rock their summer body.

The Importance of Ethical Swimwear in Australia

  • Fashionable swimwear is not just about their aesthetics anymore, but how environmentally-friendly they are too. Low-impact materials reduce the carbon emissions produced during manufacture, leading to a greener, more sustainable future.
  • Unfortunately, most mainstream clothing and swimwear brands source and produce their clothes overseas, where sustainable practices isn’t recognised. Although it is more cost-effective, fast fashion yields a negative environmental impact. Produced in a controlled environment, our locally manufactured range reduces water pollution, carbon emissions, and unnecessary waste.
  • Our sustainable business model ensures fair labour practices throughout the production cycle. Our local production house ensures that each employee is treated fairly, operates under ethical working conditions, and is entitled to a living pay wage. When you buy from us, you are supporting local people and family-owned companies.
  • Synonymous with high quality, ethical fabrics are softer, stronger, and more durable. Mainstream clothing companies focus mainly on profit – Shade Swim focuses on you and your comfort.

What You Should Know About Eco-Friendly Swimwear

Opting for sustainable clothing and swimwear means you are doing your part to help protect our planet, and urges others to follow suit.

  • To maximise profits, most fast fashion brands produce thousands of seasonal swimwear designs, based on short-lived trends. These are usually sub-quality and do not survive past the specific trend, almost always ending up in landfills. These landfills produce methane and other harmful gases that leak into our water sources. An increasing number of consumers are waking up to the effects of climate change, causing a welcome surge in demand for environmentally-friendly garments.
  • Synthetic fibres like polyester and spandex produce ideal swimwear, thanks to their moisture-wicking properties and stretchiness. This versatile fabric is widely used throughout the textiles industry for cheap, bulk-manufactured garments. However, these plastic-based materials are not biodegradable.
  • Italian Carvico fabric contains 78% recycled nylon yarn, which further reduces potential pollution ending up in our oceans. BPA free ensures that the fabric is gentle on your skin and is also fully recyclable. The durability of this fabric shows it is twice more resistant to chlorine and sunscreen degradation than traditional swimsuit material.

Signs You Should Invest in a Sustainable Swimsuit

Did you know that a high-quality swimsuit can last for more than just one season while still providing both functional and aesthetic benefits? If you feel strongly about minimising your environmental impact, then invest in one of our stylish, ethically-produced swimsuits. Gentle on your skin, our fabric boasts the same characteristics of spandex, without the negative effects on our planet. Whatever your reasons for buying ethical, we applaud your decision. For additional information on our range, contact us.

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