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The Shade Swim Story

No matter your size or body type, we all struggle at times with body confidence and insecurities. Buying swimwear can be particularly challenging, which is why Shade Swim has been designed to fit your body and introduce you to a whole new level of support and comfort. Our swimwear is stylish, sun safe, and ethically Australian made in QLD, with the highest quality sustainable stretch fabric. 

We are constantly working to improve our swimwear and evolving - through improvements in design, fabrics and getting to know your bodies better. Shade Swim is excited to deliver our newest collection since launching in 2018 – 'Embody'. 

We are thrilled to announce that we now offer sizes 8-22.  

Our Founder's Story

My goal is for all women who put on their Shade Swim to feel beautiful, comfortable and confident in their bodies – at the beach, by the pool or heading to brunch after a surf. Shade Swim is about loving and protecting the skin you’re in, whilst doing the things you love.

As a mum of three active children, I strive for them to have body confidence and understand sun safety. We spend a lot of time outdoors, and we want to enjoy our time at the beach! I rely on my Shade Swim to help me be active alongside them, all while feeling supported and comfortable. 

Our swimsuits are designed to fit you, as you are. We want you to be confident and joining the fun – not watching from the sidelines in the wrong swimsuit. 

Sun safety remains a huge part of the Shade Swim vision. After being diagnosed with melanoma, I set out to prove that sun safety can still be stylish. With every new collection we want to ensure that our swimwear is designed to protect women from the damaging, harsh sun. This is a fundamental part of Shade Swim, and with our UPF50+ collections, Shade Swim has you covered. 

I have been working alongside our amazing local manufacturer, as all our swimsuits are made right here in Brisbane, and I am excited to share my new pieces from the Embody collection with you. I can’t thank you enough for being part of Shade Swim as we continue to grow as a small, Australian business.

I hope you enjoy wearing Shade Swim as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it.

If you have any feedback, suggestions or simply want to say hello please drop me a line – I’d love to hear from you.

With body love and confidence,



We Provide Australian-Made Swimwear to Suit Individual Body Types

For many women, wearing a swimsuit in a public place takes confidence, which, unfortunately, some of us lack. Keeping in mind the variety of body types, Shade Swim provides a range of Australian-made swimwear, that continually evolves to improve the quality, fit, and design.

What you Can Expect from Shade Swim regarding Swimwear in Brisbane

We focus on providing high-quality ladies swimwear that is both durable and stylish. We stock Australian-made bathers from high-quality material designed with various body types in mind.

  • Our goal is to create swimsuits that enhance your body type, leaving you feeling comfortable and confident. We understand the array of different body shapes and proportions, which is why we have created a vast range of styles, colours, and sizes to ensure you’ll find the perfect swimsuit that will leave you feeling supported and amazing in.
  • When choosing swimwear, durable and long-lasting are important factors for everyone. There’s nothing worse than investing in a swimsuit, only for it to start fading throughout your holiday. Manufactured from Italian Carvico eco-sustainable fabric, our swimsuits are ideal for rigorous beach activities and will stretch and move with your body. While our one-piece costumes provide the ultimate coverage from the sun, the fabric boasts a UPF50+ rating, blocking up to 98% of UV rays from reaching your skin, preventing premature ageing and other skin conditions.
  • No matter what you do while wearing your swimwear in Brisbane, our one-pieces are a great option that allows you freedom to move and provides full coverage for your peace of mind. Our swimsuits have the added benefit of doubling up as a bodysuit when going from the beach to a restaurant. Our stylish swimsuits define your waistline/ female shape, and you can pair them with shorts or a sarong for a versatile all-day outfit.

When Buying Swimwear in Brisbane, Consider This

Whatever your reason for buying new Australian-made bathers, we’ve listed a few key points to consider before making that purchase.

Block, plain colours are always a safe option and black is often the most popular choice as is a timeless staple in your wardrobe. If you prefer a splash of colour, navy or dark purple could work just as well. A general rule of thumb for any occasion is to wear the same colour from top to bottom, so mono-coloured swimwear works best.
The one colour exception to swimwear is white. This colour tends to add pounds to your appearance, not to mention there’s a high possibility of it turning see-through the moment it gets wet.

Shade swim is all about enhancing the shape you have and embracing it. Our feel good swimwear provides support to women where they need it most. Here at Shade Swim, we have chosen classic, timeless colours and fashionable prints which aims to offer support whilst empowering women.

Why Trust Shade Swim Regarding Australian-Made Bathers

Our locally-made range provides comfortable and sustainable swimwear manufactured from top-quality fabrics. Browse or range, or contact us for any questions.

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