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  • About Shade Swim

Our Philosophy

A Shade Swim woman is kind, loves unconditionally and laughs loudly, freely and often.

She enjoys great food and wine.

She values family and friends and loves inviting new people into her world.

She inspires others, is grateful, and always tries to be the best version of herself.

When she falls, she picks herself up and keeps on going.

She lives in the moment and embraces whatever life throws at her.

She loves her body, is confident and knows she is enough no matter her size or shape.

Our Founder’s Story

Alyshia Morris created Shade Swim after searching for swimwear that not only looked stylish, but also protected her from the sun. Here’s her story about how Shade Swim evolved:

A few years back my doctor discovered two Stage 1 melanomas. All those years of baking on the beach and in solariums to get the perfect tan had come back to bite me on the bum. It was a terrifying wake up call.

Thankfully, I was one of the lucky ones and could have surgery to remove the melanomas. I still continue to have my routine skin checks, and encourage those around me to do the same.

This experience changed my life and it inspired me to create Shade Swim. I wanted to create something stylish, sun safe and (let’s be honest) something that catered for my new shape after having 3 kids.

Most importantly though, I designed Shade Swim for all women. I want you to love your shape in swimwear – no matter what size you are. I want you to look forward to swimwear shopping again. Enjoy your time in the sun, but be smart and protect your skin from the harsh Australian sun.

Shade Swim is about loving the skin you’re in.

I hope you enjoy wearing Shade Swim as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it.

If you have any feedback, suggestions or simply want to say hello please drop me a line – I’d love to hear from you.

With body love and confidence,


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